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Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: The Age of Oberon

"Oberon's gone mad. We're talking full-on Hamlet. The fairy king of Midsummer has become aware he is a creation of the Bard and in a bid for revenge has kidnapped William Shakespeare, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.(Shakespearean Heroes International Evil Lessening Division).

His mischievous sidekick Puck has brought him the Infinity Quill, a quill unlike any other, for the Infinity Quill has the power to rewrite history itself and forge a new future at the will of its master. Slightly anxious of the scenario that is unfolding, Shakespeare's greatest heroes (and Brutus), decide that they should do something to stop the oncoming apocalypse. Shakespeare's Avengers have assemblethed.

01/06/2018 18:00
Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: All's War that Ends War
Welcome to Bardland, where winters last a lifetime (but not nearly as long as King Lear). The Histories, spearheaded by  Richard III control the South, whilst the Tragedies – led by the Manic Prince Hamlet have claimed the North. War has raged for as long as anyone can remember, as two ancient factions battle
for dominion over the land. However, an old power is on the move. Infuriated by both sides’ refusal to acknowledge that the Comedies are funny, Sir John Falstaff has gathered an army, and is hunting down the Shakespeare Stones – echoes of their creator – to re-forge the oldest weapon in the world: The Infinity Boot. A new bard will be born.
02/06/2018 18:00
Photography Skills
Join professional photographer Andrew Page as he shows you how to get the best from the world famous Anne Hathaway's cottage. Bring your camera for exclusive private access after hours and either take your own photos or follow Andrew's guidance for the best shots of the most photographed cottage in Britain.
09/06/2018 17:30
Washed, With Such a Peace

 "Washed, with such a Peace": Poetry for Reconciliation. Inspired by the final words printed in the First Folio (the end of Cymbeline), this recital will include poetry from all periods about peace and reconciliation.

17/06/2018 19:00
Sasha Dugdale and Krystyna Dabrowska in Conversation

Sasha Dugdale and Krystyna Dąbrowska in conversation. Two women poets, both translators, from Poland and the UK read their work and discuss what it means to be writing here and now, and why translating other poets is an act of reconciliation in these fractured times.

19/06/2018 19:00
War Girls

'War Girls' is a commemoration and celebration of the remarkable, often deeply moving and largely unsung experiences of women in the First World War. Compiled and read by Ruth Sillers.

20/06/2018 12:00
An Evening with Tony Harrison
Tony Harrison is one of the most distinguished and important poets of his generation: controversial, working-class, and scholarly. His poetry cries out to be read aloud. He will be reading from his poetry and talking about his art and life.
22/06/2018 19:00
Midsummer Day Poetry and Bonfire Evening

Come and celebrate midsummer’s day with a traditional bonfire in the beautiful grounds of Anne Hathaway's Cottage - there will besongs and poems and a very special atmosphere. Bring a picnic blanket - refreshments will be available (additional charges apply).

23/06/2018 19:30
Wilfred Owen (1893 - 1918)
Of all the First World War poets Wilfred Owen is often regarded as the one who embodied most substantially the horror and the pity of the conflict.
24/06/2018 19:00
Celebrating the right to vote
Equaliteas is a UK-wide festival celebrating our right to vote. 2018 marks 90 years since everyone was given the right to vote by the 1928 Equal Franchise Act.
To celebrate the anniversary, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust will be showing the film, 'Suffragette'.
29/06/2018 18:30
Shakespeare's Ale
Bob Yeats from Tunnel Brewery will present a collection of hand-crafted ales for tasting.  A mixture of popular craft ales, Traditional Beers and a Mulberry Ale made from Mulberries from the famous Mulberry trees as Shakespeare’s New Place.
14/07/2018 17:30
Hands-On Evening
Come and have a go at all the things usually reserved for children in a special evening just for adults. Activities include making a wax seal, writing with a quill pen and making puppets.
11/08/2018 17:30
Sex & The Tudors
Sex and the Tudors, a lecture given by Tutbury Castle curator, Lesley Smith, is a tumble through the sexual exploits of the Tudors. Contraception, conception, prostitution and gay sex feature in this engaging and highly entertaining lecture. Not suitable for those who shock easily or have a nervous disposition!
08/09/2018 17:30
Film Festival: West Side Story
21/09/2018 19:30
Film Festival: Filming Shakespeare Winners
22/09/2018 19:30
The Power of Words
As part of our peace and reconciliation programme The Very Reverand John Whitcombe - Dean of Coventry cathedral talks about how the moving story from Coventry cathedral has helped shape communities locally and across the world, encouraging them in healing the wounds of history; learning to live with difference and celebrating diversity; building a culture of peace.
13/10/2018 17:30
Corsets and Codpieces
Join our resident costume expert Nic Fulcher as he takes us on a journey into the intimate world of Tudor fashion and shows us what was going on under the velvet gowns.
10/11/2018 17:30
Calligraphy for Christmas
Embrace your crafty side and make a beautiful Christmas card design with professional Calligrapher Denise Hagon.  In this workshop you will learn to write the Gothic script in the traditional way with dip pens and ink on a choice of gorgeous papers. Beginners welcome.
08/12/2018 17:30